how to play with your senses?

naughty evening: play with the senses

Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch… we use our senses every day of our life to perform the simplest of tasks. They are essential because they allow us to perceive external information.

Sexuality engages all the senses. When they interact, it’s nice, but what happens when we deprive our partner of one or more senses during a naughty night?

Why not focus on perception and feeling through different games? Here are a few examples:

Naughty evening: deprive of sight – blindfold

The objective is that our lover does not let himself be distracted and to help him to let himself be guided by the sensations which invade his body and his mind.

It allows you to focus on the here and now and plays on the element of surprise. You never know where our partner is going to touch us! Depriving of sight makes it possible to increase the desire and to concentrate on the other feelings. Opt for a comfortable and sexy headband for soft games or even a bdsm balaclava for more spicy games.

Naughty evening: priver of hearing – headphones on the ears

Never underestimate sound stimulation! Why not surprise your sweetheart with a hot little playlist? Songs that exhilarate you? Who reminds you of your beginnings perhaps? We put it all together and let ourselves go to the rhythm of the music! Making love to music allows you to vibrate together on tempos and create a particularly pleasant atmosphere for a naughty evening.

Naughty evening: sstimulating sensory sensors – switching from hot to cold

Did you know that the skin is the most important sensory organ in terms of surface and weight? 2 square meters, or 18% of the body volume on average! Thanks to its 640,000 sensory sensors, the skin is a bit like the outer covering of the brain which bridges the gap between body and mind. A fairly large playground that must be explored! For the hotter, you can drink a few sips of tea, which will heat up your mouth. For cold, use ice cubes. By alternating between the two, you will create surprise and your partner will not be what to expect. Always for your hot / cold games with your partner, you can use a sextoy for couple steel or glass. It will suffice to pass your naughty object under cold or hot water depending on your tastes.

Naughty evening: qa few precautions

Before playing these naughty little games, it is important to obtain the consent of his / her partner. Discuss scenarios and sextoys and sexual accessories that will be used (opt for comfortable and safe objects, for double penetration games, you can opt for a double dong) and watch their reactions to make sure the other is enjoying the game. handcuff his partner so that his movements are reduced and thus lead the dance. Again, make sure that this kind of sex game is in line with her tastes and preferences, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

All in all, these ideas and games make it possible to use the body as an object of self-knowledge. They inform you about your personal limits, your preferences as well as your needs, while enriching thesexual intimacy ! On your marks, get set, play!

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