understanding men’s sexual behavior

Sexual behavior in men

Men’s sexual behavior can say a lot about their current emotional state. Indeed, sex is often the mirror of emotions. Here are four common patterns, to help you see more clearly.

Sexual behavior: a window on the emotional state

Too often, unfortunately, men are still taught that it is more acceptable to express oneself sexually rather than emotionally. In bed, men can therefore come to project all kinds of things on themselves, without necessarily knowing it.

For example, if a man feels helpless in his romantic relationship after losing his job, it is possible that he may start acting more aggressively under the covers. If you notice a change from her usual energy, start a conversation outside the bedroom, in order to gain a better understanding of why he feels powerless in different areas of his life or your relationship. The key to a stable and lasting couple relationship lies in the partners’ ability to communicate. feel free to talk about sex or any other subject that you deem necessary. In short, it is essential to get to work on this aptitude.

Ask and you will receive

Today, the concept of jouissance is so ubiquitous that it more often manages to handicap than to satisfy those in its quest. In this regard, some men want to satisfy their partner so much that it becomes very difficult for them to let go and let go to meet the other. Without coming to believe that women are generally more sexually « passive » and let their partners do all the work, some people really have a hard time expressing themselves sexually.

On the one hand, we want to please the other by trying so well or badly to take him to seventh heaven, but on the other hand, there is often a certain conflict between what we think we have « Right » to ask and receive. Results? Sex can be a real source of anxiety… for everyone! Try to get out of your own head and focus on your feelings. Communicate to your partner that you appreciate their hugs and closeness. This will subtly show him that he is not being judged, which will help him relax, so that he can have more fun… and so do you! In order to stay on the same wavelength, verbalize your needs and expectations.

Too much sex can hide emotions

Many believe that the only (or at least the greatest) motivation men have for sex comes from biological needs that « must » be met. However, sometimes the urge for sex is motivated by emotional rather than purely physical reasons. If your partner’s sexual appetite suddenly increases, it could be because he is feeling anxious, worried, or even wondering about your interest in him. Proximity brings a certain security because it reduces the level of anxiety. In other words, she pushes these unpleasant feelings away. Again, the best way to reassure your loved one by showing him that you still share the same feelings for him is by talking to him!

Infidelity is not necessarily synonymous with dysfunction in the couple

A man is not necessarily unfaithful because his relationship is struggling, but mostly because he has unmet internal needs. Many men complain that they don’t feel appreciated. What often leads to infidelity is the desire to want to meet these needs.

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