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Submissive bitch, Lisa’s story, meeting with her master

submissive bitch

Since my childhood, I have always been someone submissive, I could not assume, let myself be walked on, but I liked it, and today I’m happy to be a good bitch submitted to my master, today I manage to make someone proud to own me.

His submissive little bitch just for him

If I tell you that at 15 I already dreamed of being a submissive bitch and having a master, would you believe me?

Believe it or not at 15 I was already reading BDSM novels, before I even knew that later I would be a submissive bitch to a master, My Master. Despite my young age, I was so excited to read all this obscenity. I fantasized that later I could be one of the women whose stories I read written in these novels. But between novel and real life there is a margin I didn’t know if it would always excite me to do it as much as to read it. In this environment one quickly realizes that novels are exaggerated and when one has the chance to meet the writer or to spend an evening with him one realizes that his real life is much less exciting sexually speaking.

Being young I wanted to be the best, to put up with more than the girls can put up with in these novels. When I was 19, I met my master, I wanted to discover his world and that he would teach me how to be a good submissive bitch. A young woman often wants to be perfect, always the best, I wanted to be the best submissive bitch he has ever trained.

I am a submissive bitch: I am ordered

Of course, I was young and way too far ahead of my classmates, but I was attracted to all the sexual prohibitions that one can have at 15 years old. A few years later, I fortunately came across my master, a good person, who took me under his wing and did not make me live through hell like some. I am someone who believes a lot in destiny, him and me it was obvious.

At 19 I was naive, he could have played with me, taken advantage of me, but he preferred to educate me. I was obsessed with sex, and I absolutely couldn’t resonate or channel myself. Thanks to him and his education, I was able to let go, have fun without worrying about how people look at my practices. If you feel embarrassed in relation to others, or at least by the gaze of others, you will not be able to experience deep sexual pleasure.

I’ve always needed my master to help me go beyond my limits or sometimes slow me down when I went too far. He taught me that I could be hard without exposing myself to danger, he taught me to build myself and not destroy myself. I wanted to be a submissive bitch, a good submissive, for my master to give me orders that I would carry out without replying.

A good submissive bitch obeys without saying a word

Despite my young age I did not find the submission humiliating. As I said, I really liked reading my BDSM novels, I realized that women were ready to do anything to satisfy the pleasure of their masters. The ability to surrender to others is a very great quality for me.

Confidence is the key to being a good submissive bitch, if there is no trust there is no good submission. You have to have a great mental strength in order to take pleasure when you are struck, to be able to ask for more and to thank your master as it should.

My master really has a unique SM world, he has never copied the novels or other obscenities that I have read on the net, these are his rules. We never played, he was very conscientious, described to me every move he made. I have always abandoned myself to him and I enjoyed being able to serve him with dignity. If my master had not taken the time to explain his approach to me, I would never have understood his world and I would never have been able to discover the pleasure of serving him.

I admit that I was separated from him for a while, having found a wife for him, having had children, life has made our paths parted to better meet in the future, at least I hoped . I had become so addicted that I could not wait for a hypothetical return, so I looked for another master through advertisements. At 20, a year later, I was still convinced that all masters were the same and had the same values.

Return of my master: 3 years later, takeover of a submissive bitch

I’m 25 now, between my 20s and 23s, I met bad guys, men who played a role just to get revenge on their ex-wives and the harm they had done them or quite simply men who think that it is enough to proclaim oneself Master to be one. They totally destroyed me, I lost confidence in myself and I felt helpless.

However, I had learned a lot with my master and I had kept exactly the same behavior with all the others but they played and abused it. I no longer had any fun, I had become a doll, their doll. These people never deserved me.

During these 3 years, I did not stop taking refuge in food, I gained a lot of weight so that in the mirror I no longer recognized myself. So I decided to kick myself in the ass and try calling my old master to find out what was happening to him and if he wanted me to start all over again.

He agreed to help me, to agree to start all over again, and I quickly knew that he would be my master and no one else. I love everything about him, his way of hitting me, crescendo, violently but « violently him ». He’s the only man caring about my pleasure, titillating me, using the bdsm accessories that I prefer. He is the only man who marked my mind from an early age, but also my being, my soul, my skin, my muscles …

I am now 25 years old and it has been 2 years since I surrendered myself completely to him like a good submissive bitch, his bitch just for him. I want to make him proud, yes proud …

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