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Tying up your partner: 4 myths to demolish

tie - bondage

Bondage is a fun pleasure that involves tying up your partner. In addition to being tied up with a vsorde bondage, it refers to all kinds of restraints, such as the sm harness, the latex jumpsuit where the ball gag.

Contrary to what some may think, the bondage is practiced in complete safety, as long as everyone is aware of their role and that certain limits are not crossed. Bondage originated in Japan, where it is called shibari, the art of bondage in its erotic forms. First related to martial arts, the shibari is a technique that stimulates energy centers at specific points on the body, but also has an aesthetic dimension.

In bondage, the tied person finds his excitement because all the attention is focused on him. Only one thing to do: relax, and enjoy the moment! The pleasure that we get from bondage is also intimately linked to suspense. We can only wait to see what will happen next, and let ourselves be dominated. The sensations are amplified because we do not control the situation or the stimuli. Bondage indeed plunges us into a real state of vulnerability. Security is however there since the person who dominates us is worthy of our trust. Bondage is ultimately a way to reach new heights of sexual arousal.

For those who attach, pleasure is linked to physical and psychological domination. This erotic scenario also has a strong visual power.

Now that you’re intrigued by bondage, here are some tips on how to get the most out of this sexual experience and dispel some myths.

1. Myth # 1: Tying up your partner is only for perverts

Let it be said, people who practice bondage are not perverts who seek to harm or hurt. The relations of submission and domination are inherent in sexuality. It is up to everyone to experience bondage or domination. Every couple should try to spice up their sexuality with games of this type. Exploring sexuality is the path to fulfillment.

2. Myth n. 2: sm accessories are dangerous

In itself, no sm accessory is not dangerous. What can be is how to use them. If you spank or tie someone up without their consent, then yes, it can be dangerous and violent. But if your approach is harmless and focused on your pleasure as much as that of your partner, then the sex toy will be too! The only possible danger is that of the power of your partner’s orgasm! It’s all about mutual consent, surrender and limits. The important thing is to communicate and not to cross the limits that you set for yourself.

3. Myth # 3: Bondage is addictive

Bondage is not a disease. If you have a fondness for this kind of sexual practice, it is quite normal to want to practice it regularly. As long as your partner consents and enjoys these practices just as much as you do, submission can be explored for as long as you want. In no case can this be considered an addiction.

4. Myth # 4: Tying up your partner is unhealthy

Bondage is not a crime. If you want to experience it, know that you have no reason to feel guilty. As long as you and your partner are well informed about it and are having fun, there’s no reason to go without!

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