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The erotic spanking explained by vulpès slave, sm practice

The erotic spanking, a very old practice, a nicely nasty practice, not enough to whip a cat!

The erotic spanking guide

Erotic spanking is a very common practice, especially in bdsm practiceswhether sweet or wilder. It must be admitted, this practice is rather flattering for the ladies and their curves, whether they are thin, plump, flatter or more fleshy.

But administering an erotic spanking to his partner is not done lightly, we will pass the men straight out of another world who spank the first passer-by in the street believing to show any kind of sympathy … An erotic spanking must be make you want, spanking without magic is not erotic. The buttocks are erotic only if the person wants it well …

curved buttocks of vulpes slave for an erotic spanking
preparation for an erotic spanking

The different forms of arousal caused by erotic spanking

The excitement generated by the slightly naughty caress of an erotic spanking can be expressed in different ways:

Through submission / domination games:

Via a little story where the punished person would have made mistakes, for the less adventurous, (maid reprimanded, etc …) but, just as exciting as an erotic spanking out of pure « sadism » from a Master to his submissive.

Through physical contact:

We all know that the buttocks are erogenous and coveted zones, the one who administers the famous spanking caresses in a deep and supported way the buttocks of his partner, while the other hand follows the tense path leading towards others delicacies… I’ll let you imagine.

erotic spanking for the vulp slave
arched buttocks, for an erotic buttock

How to administer erotic spanking?

And to administer these famous erotic spanking or punishments depending on the occasion, other than your hands, is offered to you various sm accessories the most naughty than the other, here is an overview:

The paddle or the badine for the erotic spanking:

The paddle is made of various materials, from wood to leather to metal, its larger and flat surface will allow more intense and striking erotic spanking if this is your choice.

The martinet sm for the erotic spanking:

With these leather straps, sometimes chains or even other materials such as suede, there is a multitude of sensations with a swift sm ranging from caressing to more brutal moments.

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The whip for erotic spanking:

More painful still, it is necessary to know how to handle the pain of the blows inflicted by the whip sm without forgetting that everything is in the practice and the experience … A beginner will not cash like a regular practitioner.

The whip for erotic spanking:

The whisk is truly the most delicate object to use, not to be put in just any hands …

Then, free rein to your imagination, you can divert objects … As long as you remain careful. Erotic spanking is quite an art!

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