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Sadomasochism in question, all you need to know about SM

sadomasochism and BDSM
What is sadomasochism?

The sexual term sadomasochism, more commonly referred to as SM, is the combination of sadism and masochism.

Sadism refers to a person who obtains sexual pleasure by inflicting physical or mental pain on their partner. Masochists obtain sexual pleasure through pain and / or humiliation. Sadism is therefore to domination what masochism is to submission.

Who practices sadomasochism?

Many people practice sadomasochism. Certainly more than you might think. Because sadomasochism is not reserved for a category of the population, and even less for perverts. No. the Bdsm is a broad spectrum and you may also be practicing it in your own way without knowing it. Have you never got pleasure from pulling your partner’s hair? Or by making you shoot them? What about a little nipple pinch or spanking? To practice sadomasochism, no need to go to extremes and think directly of whips and swifts. There are different degrees and ways of practicing it.

Why practice sadomasochism?

Pain and pleasure are two separate things, but they are closely related. Indeed, they both constitute stimulation of nerve endings. Pain and pleasure are therefore associated with the release of endorphins and make you feel alive.

If the practice of sex in general is to give and receive pleasure, sadomasochism is more complex. It requires diving into the depths of your fantasies to share them with your partner, pushing your limits and facing certain fears. Dialogue is therefore essential to agree on the erotic game and how to end it.

How to practice sadomasochism?

SM sex usually takes place in the form of a script. Each has a predefined role and will be either dominant or dominated. The dominant takes care of the direction of the staging so that the dominated obeys him. As in any game, there are rules to follow. SM couples usually establish one pass method to warn the other if it exceeds certain limits. So forget your preconceptions, because SM sexuality, although it takes on the notion of pain, does not imply any obligation! It’s all about trust and communication. Moreover, the roles are not final and can be reversed.

What accessories to choose to practice sadomasochism?

Sadomasochism is often associated with accessories such as handcuffs, the whip SM, whip, and latex jumpsuit. It should be understood that beyond the scenario, the sm material also has a stimulation function, for people who do not know their body well. They can therefore act as intermediaries if you are not comfortable with direct stimulation. The bdsm paddle for example, allows you to vary between a soft side for the caresses, and a rough side for the lashes. Alternating pain and pleasure is simply playing with the senses so that the excitement is at its peak. So, are you ready to give it a try?

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