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Domination games can be very exciting and fun, but there are some limits that should not be crossed. Here are twelve things to keep in mind when playing sex.

This is how this game is played: one of the partners is the dominant and the other plays the role of the submissive. Before entering into a dominate / dominate relationship, make sure you both are aware of the following four conditions:

– You know yourself and you trust yourself enough to go beyond the « normal code » of sexuality

– You have both agreed to practice safe sex and to take all the necessary safety precautions so that nothing is in the way of your pleasure.

– Neither you nor your partner is under pressure or uncomfortable doing it.

– Whenever something starts to be painful or unpleasant, you stop immediately.

  1. Domination game: Be careful with knots

If your BDSM game involves one of you being tied up, make sure you don’t tie a noose or tie it too tightly. Avoid tights, which tighten under pressure, and prefer a rope bondage adapted. The pleasure lies in the fact oftie up his partner, not to hurt him. Keep a pair of scissors nearby, just in case.

2. Domination game: Never use alcohol or drugs before or during

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your judgment will be affected and you may not be in control. Make sure you are in full control of your mind.

3. Domination game: Use the right material sm

We must not improvise. Use the voucher sm material specially designed for bondage. It is easy to use and avoids complications.

4. Domination game: Always have a code

Make up a code that will end the game immediately if there is a problem or pain. Find a clear and established sign so that it won’t be interpreted as part of the game.

5. Domination Game: Establish Boundaries First

To avoid misunderstandings, make a list of things you allow yourself and things you don’t.

6. Domination game: Don’t forget to be gentle

To maintain sexual tension, don’t forget seduction and tenderness! If you want this to work, you don’t have to get lost in the preparations and forget the purpose of the whole experience, which is to feel good and share your love for each other.

7. Domination game: Don’t hurt yourself

Stay in your comfort zone. The purpose of domination / submission is to restrict the body for sexual pleasure, but this should not be synonymous with pain or irritation.

8. Domination game: Focus on simplicity

Ropes, handcuffs, leather, rabbit ears, spanking, crude words: avoid mixing all of this and keep it simple. Keep in mind your ultimate goal and avoid leaving the whole set on the same day!

9. Domination game: Knowing your limits

There are bound to be things you can do and others you cannot. Do not force anything on your partner and do not be forced anything on you either! For example, there is no point in staying in one position if it goes against anatomical realities. It would only breed frustration and disappointment.

10. Domination game: Know how to free your partner quickly

Make sure you have scissors nearby if you need to free your partner from their ropes. Ditto for handcuffs, know where the key is at all times to avoid unpleasant surprises.

11. Domination game: Watch out for warning signs

The human body is extremely unpredictable and no two bodies react in the same way to different stimuli. Fainting, a pale face, clammy skin are all signs that your partner may not be having it.

12. Domination game: Don’t leave your partner alone

Never leave your partner tied up alone. Not a minute, not a second. Always keep in mind that you are responsible for your partner. Stay in the same room at all times and pay attention to any sign of discomfort.

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