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Tying up your partner is a Japanese art

the art of bondage, tie up her partner

The art of bondage is an erotic practice which consists in tying up your partner. It is an erotic game that is becoming more and more common.

The art of bondage is often found in artistic and literary circles but also in the privacy of many couples. To discover the art of bondage, you will not need a lot of equipment, and yet it will allow you to awaken the libido of your couple.

The art of bondage has existed since night time since the rope was invented. However, it seems that its origin is Asian, more precisely Japanese. In Japan, a martial art called « Hojojutsu » has developed which aims to tie up the opponent.

Contrary to what one might think, bondage is a very romantic art, practitioners will say that it is an art with crazy sensuality.

I will give you some tips to introduce you to this art:

What does the art of bondage bring us?

The art of bondage: surrender and power
  • The person who ties up: This person has total power over his companion who finds himself tied up, in a position of inferiority. The person who ties up takes great pleasure in seeing the other person submissive.
  • The tied up person: This person learns to abandon himself, he must take advantage of the moment without struggling.
The art of bondage: the scenarios

To be able to tie up the other and for it to be exciting, you need a basic scenario. Two imaginary characters. Live out your wildest fantasies through the art of bondage.

The art of bondage: Aesthetics

In Japan, tying a person is part of a real art. Several conditions must be met if we want the bondage to be done well. There are several ways to tie up someone in order to deform their body in a more or less intense way. The ropes draw several shapes depending on the type of attachment chosen.

The technique called Kikkou, allows you to draw diamonds on the body of the tied up in order to draw turtle scales.

The hog tie consists of tying the hands and feet behind the tied person’s back in order to immobilize him completely.

The suspension consists in suspending the tied up person totally or partially. Attention this practice is perilous and dangerous if there is not a big training behind.

The art of bondage: romanticism and gentleness in violence

The art of bondage allows for a delicate relationship of violence, which emanates from the submission of the bound person and the power of the person who ties up. This practice makes it possible to transform the violence that the couple stores on a daily basis to arrive at a sensual and erotic game.

The fact that the tied up person completely trusts the one who ties him up allows to strengthen the bonds in a couple.

How to start practicing the art of bondage?

The art of bondage: start with simple things

Handcuffs during foreplay can be a great way to get started in the art of bondage. Hang your partner on the bed and start tickling him in his erogenous zones. Take advantage of it, he or she won’t be able to tell you to stop unless you hurt him or her of course. Letting go and being helpless greatly increases the pleasure.

You can tickle your partner, reveal your curves very slowly to make the pleasure last, caress him with your expert fingers, use your tongue for a hot / cold / wet effect. Make him hold back, the explosion will only be more intense.

The art of bondage: the ideal positions

It is necessary to be able to practice positions adapted to this kind of erotic games:

  • The starred missionary: Your companion is in the star position, you tie her legs and hands to the bed, and you tenderly take care of her. Taste the pleasure you give him.
  • The Andromache penguin: The man is lying on his back, tied up. It is the woman who takes over the man while he will be able to do nothing to prevent it.
  • The Necklace of Venus Bound Fists and Fists: The man ties the feet and hands of his companion together. Lay her down on a table and take advantage of the fact that she can’t do anything.
Bondage accessories

If you want to become a professional in the art of bondage, nothing better than to provide yourself withbondage accessories such as: handcuffs, ropes, ties, corsets, straitjackets. This will maintain real excitement, both for you and for your partner.

If you want to associate loss of gestural control with loss of speech, you can buy a ball gag which will allow your partner to surrender completely to you without being able to say a word.

The art of bondage: attachment and scenario

To experience more pleasures, you can imagine naughty scenarios through the art of bondage.

Taking his companion hostage

The thug firmly attaches his victim so that she does not escape, while waiting for someone to bring the ransom, the thug takes advantage of his superiority.

Custody of his companion

Your partner is a thief, you owe it to yourself to stop her, handcuff her and bring her to the post office, be careful she will try to coax you.

Deliver your companion

Your companion is being held captive, you come to her aid, but be careful to wait until it gets dark so as not to be caught freeing her. In the meantime, we will have to take care of things and keep Madam patient.

The Mad Kidnapper

You undress your partner, tie her up, and lay her naked on the table. You blindfold him, eat it by putting liquid chocolate all over his body.

The employee and the boss

Your partner is a superb housekeeper but you only pay her a low salary. She therefore decides to kidnap you in order to subject you to some punishments and make you understand that she wishes to be increased.

Safety in the practice of bondage art

You have to know these rules so that there are no accidents if you want to practice the art of bondage.

  • Don’t over tighten the ties : A rope can leave marks on the body of the tied up person and burn his skin. It can be quite dangerous. Of course, in the BDSM world pain is part of the sensual game, but then you move away from the art of bondage which does not involve pain.
  • Do not put the rope at neck level, it is necessary to avoid the worries of strangulation, the blood of your partner needs to flow through his body.
  • Pair of scissors mandatory : Before starting your discovery of the art of bondage, you must have a pair of scissors nearby, if your partner is choking you must be able to quickly cut the rope.
  • The magic word is also compulsory : You need to create a word which, as soon as it is pronounced, will immediately stop the game. If you have a gag in your mouth, suggest a visual code.

The art of bondage in culture

The art of bondage in comics

Thanks to the comic book of the adventures of Gwendoline, John Willie, in the middle of the XXth century, succeeded in making the art of bondage enter the mores.

The art of bondage in the cinema

A bondage scene that has become a cult movie is the one that involves a man and Sharon Stone in the movie « Basic Instinct ». Sharon stone ties the man to the bars of the bed, Andromache position. The scene turning to the tragic for the man retained only the first seconds.

The art of bondage in literature

When we think of bondage in literature, the first thing that comes to mind is the book 50 Shades of Gray, where we follow the adventures of Anastasia and Christian Gray.

They use many sm accessories during their antics. But I would advise you, personally, rather the collection of news which is called  » Between his ropes « .

The art of bondage in the artistic world

In classical paintings, figures such as Joan of Arc are depicted tied up. Some historians studying art will tell you that there is a certain erotic and sensual dimension behind these artistic representations.

Nobuyoshi Araki, a famous Japanese photographer, became interested in the art of bondage by taking pictures of naked women tied up.

Merzbow, Japanese and musician, also developed the art of bondage by offering people to practice this art on stage during his concerts.

A whole new way to tie your laces

Bondage, a sensual art, is a much more widespread practice than one might think.

When you have become a master in the art of bondage, you will not be able to do without it, it will tighten the bond that there is in your relationship, and when it rains hard outside you will be quietly tied up in the heat …

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