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submissive exhibited, Lisa shares her exhibitionism fantasy with us

Lisa, exhibited submissive

My master helped me to no longer feel a feeling of gene vis-à-vis my physical complexes during my exhibitions. It’s not always easy to accept being a submissive on display and showing every corner of your body to others. I’m going to tell you how I managed to be a little submissive today exhibited in heat.

Submissive exhibited: Lessons from my master

He transmitted to me the pleasure that one can feel when one becomes a submissive exhibited, the desire that can increase with each part revealed. I learned to accept my body with its flaws and its qualities, before others accept you, first accept yourself as you are.

I learned to look at myself in the mirror and appreciate what I saw. Every person has at least one flaw if not more, and unfortunately we spend too much time focusing on it.

Very young, I had a woman’s body, I always had a generous chest without being bulky, plump buttocks which tended to attract the eyes of men and that from my 13 – 14 years.

You must first start by admiring yourself and appreciating your image, that is the essential thing. Learn to see your strengths instead of constantly criticizing your weaknesses. To be able to touch her pussy in front of a man, in front of my master, who first offered to hide my view to be comfortable. He didn’t hesitate to talk to me to encourage me to let go completely without genes. My excitement only increased over time, I was excited to show myself off in front of his eyes, I was doing myself good, I freed myself from my desires by transmitting them.

This is how it all started and since then I have never stopped loving showing myself. This is how, step by step, I became a submissive exhibited and proud of it.

submissive exhibited 3

Submissive exhibited : I like to watch myself

Once I got into the habit of touching myself in front of him, my master took off my blindfold which hid my view. In my head, I knew well that my master had watched me for long moments I caressed myself, so I had no genes to remove my blindfold.

I could finally see my master, his excitement, his gestures, I could see his hard cock in front of my eyes. I wanted to wet like a dog, the better to take me there later. My head was overflowing with scenarios of all kinds and that excited me enormously. Basically, I am a real exhibited submissive, always ready to touch me anywhere.

I learned to have fun solo, in front of him certainly but the pleasure coming completely from my thoughts. Touching myself was a way for me to get rid of all my frustrations, to admire myself because I often did this in front of a huge mirror posted in front of our bed, to take charge of my body. Just looking at myself in the mirror, horny like a slut, wetting like a little submissive exhibited, I was close to orgasm.

submissive exhibited

Submissive exhibited: Showing off without restraint

I quickly wanted to show myself off without restraint. Thanks to all this preparation, today I am fully satisfied when I show myself in public. I am not afraid to show my pussy when I am sitting on a bench facing a man, as soon as I see his gene to admire me it turns me on.

I can touch myself in front of people I don’t know from Adam or Eve, to confuse them in their conversations. Now even my master asks me to show myself off, to completely offer myself to friends of his or people of his choice, as if I were a little doll.

I want all men, to enjoy seeing me, I want to be their biggest fantasy, to turn them on like crazy. In this BDSM environment, I have no genes to show myself and to show myself off to everyone, which is not the case for everyone. I make sure completely as a submissive exhibited by his Master.

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