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moneyslave, a fantasy that leads to drifts on the net

moneyslave, financial slave

The moneyslave is a financial slave for whom the donation of money is a fetishism and it is an environment where young women are very opportunistic and abuse them. In particular, we are witnessing an increase in scams on websites such as chat rooms, dating sites, etc.

Some notions on the moneyslave

The financial slave ‘is a person who likes to give his money to a mistress or even worse, who likes to have his money stolen by the latter. He derives a certain satisfaction from it and this feeds his fantasy of a financial victim. It’s kind of a somewhat surprising but particularly intriguing intellectual process, I must admit. It certainly may shock you, but for them it represents the ultimate pleasure. Unlike the submissive who likes to give a gift to his mistress, the moneyslave must be abused, humiliated, with his wads of banknotes by a dominant mistress. This is essential, so that he can get his feet wet. He knows he’s just a wallet on legs, public humiliation he’ll love it.

The relationship between a moneyslave and his mistress is quite peculiar. This is not a game, he is « his thing », « his toy », « his pigeon », he executes all his material whims, there are no limits, it is the rule, it is is what makes him vibrate. He feels important to her, he thinks he has control over his mistress by having the feeling of having bought her. Her mistress must not and is not an opportunist, she just takes advantage of the situation, she plays with it, she is indifferent, her only goal is to give herself material pleasure and to play her role of humiliator. This is how the mistress is queen, she decides all the situations, the slave must comply with her wishes, without asking for anything in return. He has to treat her like a queen, take care of her. When his mistress goes shopping, he will comply with her slightest wishes, even if it means passing for a simple servant, he will bring her his packages, he will spend without counting, he will be humiliated in front of everyone, because she will treat him like an underling without interest. He will be happy anyway, it’s his way of existing with his mistress. He should not walk beside her, his head bowed, not looking at her. Other moneyslaves will prefer to pass in front of an ATM and withdraw a certain sum of money to hand it over very proudly without saying a word to their mistress. They are so happy and they are aware of what they are doing. Some will have complete confidence in their mistress, and will entrust her with all of their bank accounts, so they will be happy to be dispossessed of their financial assets. In this way, the moneysalve will have the feeling that his mistress is being treated as a queen, he will be satisfied. He will also find a certain pleasure in being powerless against the charm of his mistress, and her character of dominating and humiliating. To be able to maintain the latter, the moneyslave must have a very good situation and earn a lot of money, in order to meet all the whims of his queen mistress. He will waste his money making her happy. He will indulge himself in his fantasy, that is why he will work very hard and be happy to go and work for her.

The report is quite surprising as the Moneyslave is fully aware of the situation. He knows that his Mistress will not offer him anything in return, he knows that he will lose his money but he buys his fantasy. He pays himself the luxury of satisfying his desire for submission by buying his Mistress.

The fantasy of the Moneyslave

We live in a world where women have become financially independent. They therefore no longer need men to meet their needs and to live. There is no longer this feeling for the man to bring back household money to support his household, and at the same time to maintain his wife.

The fact of becoming a moneyslave, the man finds his place in the home by providing for the material need of a woman, he will dominate her as in the old days. However, the financial slave is submissive and seeks this feeling of dependence. So the legitimate question is to ask whether in the end the Monyslave does not interpret his relationship as a bond of domination over the woman he maintains? the question is a bit far-fetched but deserves to be asked.

We can also imagine that the moneyslave advocates a system gynarchist (a system totally controlled by women and which provides for the absolute supremacy of women over men). In this hypothesis, the moneyslave will venerate and pamper his mistress, even if the financial aspect remains dominant, for him it is logical and natural. He considers that women like money and all that glitters, he just tries to respond to the idea he has of women. By entrusting him with his money, he will have the impression of improving the social level of his queen. He will have the feeling that she becomes someone to be respected thanks to her adornments, he will look at her, and venerate her, idolize her, he will put her on a pedestal. This fantasy is all the stronger as the Monyslave has the feeling that he is the author of this social rise. The gift is very important in his fantasy, he gives himself entirely. The moneyslave arrives, in some extreme cases, in a total loss of financial control which, I let you imagine, can lead to dramatic situations of over-indebtedness.

The hijacking of moneyslave’s fantasy

There are several reasons to explain that Moneyslavering is a fantasy whose excesses will increase in the future.

Since the digital age, we have seen the appearance of « Moneymistresses » they are often young and above all they have scented the right way to be maintained and to be offered some gifts. They seek their prey on the net, and ask them to make « offerings » in the form of vouchers on sites etc … These are dematerialized gifts and in exchange they throw them virtual sentences to meet the needs of cerebral submission. of the moneyslave. But all this has limits, and one wonders if these “moneymistresses” are not in fact men or people living abroad. They take pleasure in receiving their offerings and not in abusing the moneyslave. We are far enough from BDSM submission reports where the master truly appreciates the psychological domination he exercises over his submissive.

However, should we be offended by these people who are only responding to a request?

Often, it is only fake, there is no moneyslave, nor moneymistress, it is people who enter this system for a few euros to approach a fantasy, without fully realizing it. The moneyslave only commits a few euros and the pseudo dominatrix takes the opportunity to withdraw a phone recharge or some trinkets bought right to left on the net.

I even wonder, who takes control over whom? the moneyslave who invests a few euros on the net or the young dominatrix who needs him to pay for a phone plan?

However, the internet comes to distort the fantasy of the moneyslave. Let us remember that the financial slave wants to be able to live his fantasy, that he has a social status allowing him to provide for his mistress’s needs, and that the « real moneyslave » cannot be satisfied with the virtual, he loves reality, l humiliation, he likes to please his mistress, he knows who she is, what she likes. He knows he is his pigeon, he lives his fantasy, and the fact that he has money also allows him to indulge himself by holding his mistress near him, even if she holds her bank account in her hands. You can’t improvise yourself as a moneymistress overnight, you have to find the ideal slave who will give it its title. Because in the end, you only become a moneymistress when a moneyslave recognizes you as such!

In the world of fetishism and BDSM, moneyslavering could have found its place. What we see more and more as moneyslavering these days is an exchange of good practices between consenting adults, hidden behind a keyboard in search of a few small vouchers, in exchange for a few sentences or photographs. There is nothing more humiliating, nor cerebral, they are small virtual scams without too many consequences.

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