The 4-hand massage, a massage for twice the pleasure

Evacuating the stress of everyday life, clearing your head or simply relaxing are necessary.

There are many methods of relaxation and each one is equally beneficial. Among these, we can mention the 4-hand massage which gives you both well-being and relaxation.

4 hands massage
4 hands massage

History of 4-hand massage

This rather modern method differs according to geographical origin. Therefore, it can be Californian, Ayurvedic, Oriental or Swedish. However, these massage techniques all have one thing in common and tend to the same end. Nowadays, most wellness centers offer you this service with relaxing properties.

4-hand massage techniques

The four-hand massage is performed by two professionals. The movements performed by the masseurs must be perfectly synchronized. Indeed, good coordination is important to make the treatment more efficient. Thus, all parts of the body are involved. It should be noted that this method is not done at the rate imposed by the practitioners, but according to the breathing frequency of the person being massaged. These sessions generally require the use of essential oils recognized for their therapeutic ormassage oils for more softness.

4 hand massage 2

The 4-hand massage session

A session lasts on average 30 minutes, or half an hour less than for a regular massage. Indeed, it is possible to benefit from a session of 60 to 90 minutes in some institutes. The practice involves kneading all the muscles in the body. The results obtained are roughly similar, with the difference that a four-hand massage provides even more relaxation and well-being, and gives you a feeling of fullness and serenity.

The benefits of 4-hand massage

This type of massage is one of the most effective solutions to relieve muscle tension or to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It helps fight cellulite. This treatment is also recommended for women who want to lose weight.

This method also acts on the mind, because the movements carried out mixed with the dexterity of the masseurs help to calm all the tensions felt. In fact, the mind escapes and promotes letting go.

The four-hand massage leads to maximum relaxation of the muscles and serenity of the soul. You can benefit from it in beauty care centers, beauty institutes, thalasso and balneotherapy centers.

4 hand massage 3

Good to know

The body is a fragile entity and any movement not controlled by the masseurs can lead to quite serious consequences for the person being massaged. For this, knowledge of techniques is essential for practitioners and requires adequate training. However, from a financial point of view, the four-hand massage is more expensive compared to the classic massage. Despite everything, this type of massage is worth it for its virtues and the benefits it brings. Do not hesitate to use it to relax.

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