The powers of erotic massage on your body

erotic and sensual massage

It is rarely mentioned, but the bedroom is also the place of tension, anger and frustrations. Sometimes sex becomes boring, and the respective needs of the partners are not met. For men, that vital need is sex. For women, it’s affection. By vital we mean that most men and women cannot live happy and fulfilled lives if their most basic needs are not met. It is not uncommon for a man to be dissatisfied with his relationship because he feels he is not getting « quality » sex. When a woman is frustrated, it is common for it to be a lack of affection or attention.

No matter when or how the problems started, in such cases a vicious cycle tends to set in. When a man has trouble giving his partner the affection she asks for, she will feel neglected and pull away from him, which will affect the frequency and quality of sex. In turn, the man will feel rejected, negative feelings will develop and so on. This cycle is unfortunately very common in couples, especially those who have been together for many years. But rest assured, everything can change!

Erotic massage: a way to reconnect

the sensual massage and erotic can give you the tools you need to stop being in a relationship and sexual vicious cycle, and each respond to the needs of the other. By touching and caressing your partner, you can do them good, and make your relationship healthier. In doing so, you will be able to communicate better with each other and strengthen your bonds as well as your intimacy.

Erotic massage relaxes the body of your partner, relieving him of the daily stress of life (which until then was also associated with this negative sirale). Massage also brings positive feelings of well-being, and stimulates sexual arousal. When you replace negative feelings with feelings of desire and arousal, you strengthen psychological, physical, and sexual bonds and open yourself up to more fulfilling sexuality.

Try to use the power of erotic massage and caresses to show your partner all your love, admiration, and support. He / she will have no choice but to let go and open up to you. A real massage session can erase years of misunderstanding and neglect, and release forgotten feelings: trust and intimacy. A romantic relationship is an everyday job that needs to be cultivated. Through the art of erotic massage, you can naturally strengthen and nourish the love and intimacy in your relationship and take it to the next level, which promises you many happy tomorrows.

There are many erotic massage sets that awaken the senses and sensuality. the nuru gel is essential, but there are all kinds of edible and aphrodisiac oils that are also lubricants. Be creative!

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