erotic massage oils, a new trendy accessory

erotic massage oils

Until a few years ago, massage gels, lubricants and massage oils did not have the expected success, whether in sex shops or intimate shops on the internet. These products remained drowned in the immense choice of sextoys and other sexy accessories, failing to stand out. At the time you had the choice between the jar of petroleum jelly, moisturizing butter or even lubricating gels without much interest. The choice was not greatly diversified.

Nowadays, massage oils have become the « flagship » and fashionable products that everyone should have in their bedside table drawer in order to add something extra to their lovemaking.

If you have subscribed to any erotic / sexo or feminine magazine, you can read the many pages devoted to these new massage oils. Whether it is « Current Woman » or « Biba », gels are in the spotlight. Radio and television are even starting to leave a small place on the air to talk about these delicacies (Durex Gels etc.). In all the sex articles of the women’s magazines there is always a special box for gels, intimate lubricants and massage oils, product selections that have been tested and approved.

However, gels and lubricants have evolved a lot in recent years, whether in terms of the texture of products, their fragrances, components, natural in order to avoid any risk of allergy, appreciable tastes … They have become pleasant products, which can be used for every moment of love.

Massage oils

Massages have always existed, however in our society and for a long time, they have often remained a taboo subject, used mainly in a therapeutic setting. It was not until the 1970s, during sexual liberation, that massages could be recognized as a pleasure in their own right and become erotic massages.

This being the case, even in the 70s, and despite the opening up of manners, massages still have a too sexual connotation to be completely accepted by society. Nowadays, massages have on the contrary become very fashionable among couples and often recommended by sexologists to discover the body of their partner. They also recommend the use of massage gels and oils so that couples find a fusion and common pleasure in learning to discover their erogenous zones. Massages are recommended to make the foreplay last but also to increase the excitement in your partner.

In sex shops and specialist shops, there is a wide choice of massage oils. There are organic massage oils, mint massage oils for a refreshing effect or even massage oils with surprising scents such as bubble gun scent oils. Let yourself be tempted by the aphrodisiac massage oils from the shunga brand. This wide choice allows all users to find their happiness and the massage oil that is suitable for them.

Massage oils can spice up your foreplay, bring a playful side to your lovemaking. Nowadays touching or caressing your partner has become commonplace but necessary. These are things that we do on a daily basis, couples no longer have taboos and are happy to use the accessories and sex toys made available to them. At the time, couples only had the parts of their bodies to bring pleasure to their partners (fingers, tongue, lips, etc.). Today, gels, sextoys, lubricants and massage oils can enrich foreplay and stimulate partners’ libido.

In the space of fifty years, sexuality has evolved enormously. Couples give each other more time to please each other, massage oils attract a very large audience ranging from young couples to more experienced couples. Sex is no longer a taboo subject and partners take the time to savor the pleasures of the flesh.

Finally, massage oils can give you a touch of entertainment. They make it possible to increase the excitement during the foreplay, as Barbara testifies: “My partner used to use his fingers and his saliva to give me pleasure but we discovered massage oils and I was directly won over. , massages prepare me very well for the act ”.

The new products in vogue, at the moment, are the massage candles, in particular of the brand « Maison Close » which are available in four scents. Light the candle, wait a few moments for the wax to heat up in order to apply it once warm to your partner’s body.

Intimate lubricants

The intimate lubricants are more and more popular products. You can forget your old jar of petroleum jelly, or your gels with foul odors. Now, intimate lubricants are scented (banana, raspberry … etc), they are also edible!

The efforts on the composition are not left out. There are water-based, silicone-based or even natural plant and fruit extracts.

Of course, they are used to lubricate the private parts such as the vagina or the anus, but they can also be used for massages in the same way as massage oils. Of course, they are highly recommended if you use sex toys.

The various gels

Those intimate gels have a double function, they allow to lubricate and also to massage. You can apply them on the erogenous zones to increase the pleasure tenfold. They can have several purposes: to heat, to delay, to cool, to shiver, and even to taste. in this regard, we can not even count the number of gels offered by the brand.

According to Rosa’s testimony on a Durex Play gel: “You only need to use it once to want to start again immediately. I use it as well alone as with my husband. He also pointed out to me that my libido had significantly increased, this orgasmic gel allowed me to free myself and accept the pleasure.« 

A new El Dorado has been born, and the laboratories do not miss an opportunity to experiment with new, more efficient formulas. This allows you to bring novelty, diversify relationships, develop the effect of surprise and stimulate desire in your partner.

Edible body paint

The most recent innovation but also certainly the most fun. The principle of using the body painting is simple: you spread the paint on the body of your partner, for example the erogenous zones, then you taste with the tongue. Tastes begin to diversify (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla … etc)

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