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how to do a tantric massage?

Tantric massage, resulting from tantrism, (I told you about it previously), is a practice which aims to connect the body and the spirit in order to obtain total bliss.

Unfortunately, tantric massage has a bad reputation since it is considered sulphurous or even sexually inclined. Originally from India, this massage quickly developed in Europe.

You could anger people who practice the art of tantra if you tell them that these massages are sexual. On the other hand, tantric massage is sensual and cannot be practiced, or at least with difficulty, with a stranger… This massage is done naked, the two partners practice the art of caresses all over the body. It is therefore preferable to practice it as a couple because it requires a certain confidence and a certain intimacy. Moreover, many couples are seduced by the meditation and the appeasement felt during the practice of tantric massage. I strongly recommend it if you want to discover another way to bring pleasure to your partner.

Here are some tips so that your bodies, exhausted by the routine, can experience the ecstasy of tantric massage.

The principle of tantric massage

Tantrism is a practice perfectly suited to women. Since it is a question of paying attention to the sensations, to the caresses, to take advantage of the slowness of the act, to increase the pleasure slowly thanks to the sensuality. The goal is to feel a cohesion of the bodies through the concentration and the attention which you will bring to your partner. Nothing around you should disturb you.

So don’t forget to turn off your phones, mute the doorbell on your house, isolate yourself from the outside world and think only of you and your partner.

In this practice you resume your sexuality at the beginning, do not be afraid of being judged, you need to be calm, and forget everything you think you know about sex. In tantric massage, there are three stages in the rediscovery of pleasure: emotional, spiritual and physical pleasure.

Dress up, decorate and accessorize

Well no, no actual disguise, but you have to be naked, totally naked. Before starting a tantric massage, be sure to wash yourself well, so as not to bother your partner, and in order to relax.

To be able to isolate yourself, and practice meditation, you must be in a pleasant room, put a mattress on the floor to be comfortable during the massage, and put a soft light for your relaxation.

In terms of accessories, nothing better than erotic massage oil or a massage candle to add even more sensuality to the act and to perfect your gentle movements.

What movements adopted?

No need for a manual to practice tantric massage, there are only a few things to know. A massage professional will aim to open your 7 chakras: these are your energy zones, he will stimulate them one by one.

Lay your partner on his stomach, put yourself on top of him, and make wide, soft movements. Your hands flat on his back, shoulders, arms, along his spine, buttocks, legs.

This practice is not used to relax muscles like simple massages, so you do not have to put force in your movements. You have to make wide movements, knead your partner’s skin very gently. Your hands glide over his body thanks to caresses and touches, hence the interest of using a massage oil which will bring more softness to your movements.

The goal is to awaken the senses of your companion, and to concentrate on your own feelings, do not think of anything.

When taking care of your other half’s body, remember the sexual areas, however, don’t turn tantric massage into a sexual act. Stay in the realm of sensuality and caress. You should not differentiate the sexual area from another area.

The sensations brought by tantric massage

There are many forms of pleasures provided by sensual massages. Here it comes from the sensuality and the spiritual and physical cohesion that emerges from the practice.

The communion between the body and the spirit is made thanks to the contact and the softness of the skin to skin, and thanks to the soothing atmosphere that you will have created.

When you reach the state of well-being, you will become aware of your body, of your whole body, and this will allow you to awaken the pleasure which, in you, had fallen asleep.

Meditation will also allow you to clear your mind, and to find yourself with your partner in order to consolidate your intimacy and share a pleasant moment. It’s about communicating with each other in silence.

When performing or receiving a tantric massage, you should pay attention to your breathing. She will help you to be relaxed. It must be slow and regular so that you are as serene as possible. You will fall into a sweet drowsiness, and abandon yourself in the arms of your partner. Don’t be surprised by a few flash awakenings, when you feel the pleasure point the tip of your nose.

The sensuality of tantric massage

Tantric massage is not designed, at the base, to enrich a sexual act. On the other hand, as it reinforces the cohesion of the couple and that it is full of sensuality, it is not impossible that the moment gets out of hand and that you pass to a frenzied hug. It is up to you to manage the action and give the direction you want your tantric massage. However, if I can give you some advice, it is better to feel the psychic ecstasy before the physical ecstasy, it increases the pleasure tenfold. Note that tantric massage is ideal for preparing hot and sensual foreplay!

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