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SM evening, My Master has not abused me for a long time

Lisa the submissive SM party

My Master organized an SM evening for me to remind me of the good old days, I can’t wait to be abused, and punished but I am quite apprehensive because our last SM evening is far away and I feel that my master is not is not determined to be gentle with me tonight.

SM evening: Get back to the rhythm and get punished as it should

I don’t remember when was the last SM evening that I lived alone with my master. I have invested so much in my new job that I don’t see time running out. It is true that I am passionate about my new professional activity but I admit that I miss spending an SM evening with My Master. Life passing at a crazy speed, I felt a certain lack vis-à-vis my master, as well as our evenings of submission and humiliation.

For a few days, my master had been telling me about this SM evening on the phone to stimulate my desire, my excitement, my desire, this desire to be violated like a slut, I am hot as embers, I feel a certain heat rising in me just the idea of ​​feeling the whip of my master land violently on my bitch ass, I feel a deep appeasement when I imagine this scene in a loop.

I know very well that some people may think that I am crazy, and that it would be good to seek treatment, but I live very well with this situation of masochism. After all from a young age, I learned to think like this, my teacher educated me like this, and now it makes sense that I take so much pleasure in this practice.

Master and submissive are impatient to meet for this SM evening which promises to be violent and full of enjoyment. The hours pass, finally, the night has just fallen, I welcome My Master, I have prepared a good little dish for him, because I love to cook properly to satisfy the taste buds of My Master, I like to serve him like a good slave .

He never taught me how to cook but he made me want to learn, in books or through recipes on websites and culinary devs. It brings me immense satisfaction when My Master appreciates my meals.

The meal finished and enjoyed, I decide to do the dishes, I feel a certain stress, because I do not know what My Master has planned for this SM evening, despite everything I am very excited. I take a coffee to relax a little on the sofa, I admire My Master who looks at me tenderly, with a mind that I feel perverted, imagining all the possible scenarios for this SM evening.

He gave me a little respite from his sadistic desires and he helped me reframe myself psychologically and physically, it took almost a year, and now I feel good about my life and ready to do anything. My Master’s BDSM fantasies during this SM party. I contemplate him, he showed immense patience with me, it is obvious that he can violate me as he wishes, it is the minimum that I can give him during an SM party. In my distant memories, I remember how well I took the violent blows that he dealt me, and I fear not to be able any more this evening because I lost the habit. I think I lost all stamina because I didn’t train anymore. To work like a madwoman, I forgot myself, and I am afraid today of disappointing My Master who expects a lot from me.

At the moment, I carried out a food rebalancing which allowed me to lose a little fat and to develop my muscle mass, I have to develop my concentration not to apprehend the whip or the swift sm because now I have no more fat to soften the blows, I only have the muscle that takes the shock and the pain is much worse but I am not going to complain as the good masochist that I am. This SM night is close to my heart, it’s like it was my first time as a submissive, I have to move on and grow even more.

My master orders me to follow him into the bedroom, I know that it is soon the time for me to be punished, I feel a certain fear for fear of disappointing him but I also feel an immense pleasure to come, I am all his for this evening SM.

SM party: My chest reddens with pleasure

My Master starts by handcuffing me with leather handcuffs, then tears off my top. This week, I installed a system of fasteners on the wall of my room so that my master could tie my wrists to it, he could hit me like that, I would be standing, arms above my head, unable to struggle me. The stress is at its height, when my master slips into my ear; « I’m going to beat your bitch chest. » He wants to see my breasts red with pleasure.

I think this moment is going to be difficult at first, having lost the habit of feeling, but I will try to do the best for My Master, I want to show him that I can still take the blows as before, I will show her that I really want to have my small breasts colored by her strokes. I want my master to remember this SM evening face to face forever, so that he really wants to prepare others for me afterwards.

Now I have my pussy in the air with my skirt pulled up to the max and my breasts bare too, ready to be pounded. I have my arms above my head, tied, my back to the wall, pressed against it. I’m wearing my black high heel pumps, I’m perched balancing on them and I’m going to have to hold on for a while even though I know I’ll start to feel some pain in my feet which may get worse throughout the SM party. .

My master blindfolded me, I can no longer see, I will have to develop my other senses as I know how to do so well, and not apprehend the blows. Wearing the sm headband reassures me, it allows me not to stress because I do not know when the blows leave precisely, it also serves to camouflage the tears of pleasure and pain.

My master wants to start by fighting with the sm swift he bought me, I really like this swift because it gives me a very sharp pain, quite complicated to manage at the start. My master doesn’t have a light hand when it comes to assaulting me and so I need to be very focused if I want to endure the blows without whining like a little girl after a few minutes.

He’s pretty frustrated that he couldn’t have beaten me all this time, I imagine his big, hard cock through his pants. His smash hits are more and more violent, I try to take whatever I can, I come to my senses only when the blows stop for a few moments. After a few blows, I am still not red enough to the taste of My Master, so he decides to put more violence into it. I can’t hide my tangled desire for apprehension. It’s quite strange, I really want to be violent like a dog and at the same time I fear the pain caused. Deep down I know that I am able to resist, I know that I would be fulfilled to have taken these blows.

My master decides to change the torture accessory and equips himself with a whip and a whip, I am blindfolded but I immediately recognize the instruments just by their very special noise when they whip the air. I am concentrating, I know this is going to be hard for me. The pain caused by these sm accessories, do not cause me the same sensations.

For the whip, I feel a sharp burn, the blows are biting, violent and prickly, I feel a tingling sensation as if I had just carved myself with a knife, the whip is a tool allowing to be precise and fast in the blows doors. I have a lot of trouble standing, the whip stings my face, I try to bend my chest as well as possible and stretch my neck upwards in order to avoid the thongs of the whip.

I did not count the blows that fell on my chest, during this SM evening, probably about thirty in a row, I am focusing more on resistance than on performance at this time. After catching my breath, I ask my master to beat my stomach with all his might, I want more. My master takes the swift once again, I am amazed by the violence the first time around and a howl escapes from my little mouth. I will try to resist as best I can to the following which will fall on my breasts and my stomach already very red.

I am tired but very excited by this SM evening, happy, and very proud to have the marks that My Master has inflicted on me, I will surely keep them for many days. My mind is invaded with pleasure, I have for image the big hard cock of my master, his balls full of cum, and me wet like crazy, my wet dripping down my thighs. I feel my pussy dripping wet, I would like my master to notice.

We come to the last strokes with the sm swift, I find it more and more difficult to endure the strikes, I can no longer hold in place, standing upright like an i, my mind relaxes but the pain is terrible. When my master approaches me and puts down the swift, I tell myself that the punishment is over, but it’s bad to know him. He unties my wrists, asks me to turn around, takes off my little skirt, ties my wrists again.

A surge of excitement comes over me, and I have a sudden urge to be violated.

SM evening: I want more

I am in a movement of mad excitement, my master decides to take the swift directly, and my apprehension resurfaced, where will he strike this time. He starts by beating me on the back, this blow seems unbearable to me. It reminds me of the first blow I received in the early evening, it was at this specific location. I have so muscular my trapezoids that I feel the blows ten times more strongly.

I hold back from bursting into tears, I don’t want to disappoint him by cracking like this, I decide to pull myself together as the blows continue to rain down on my back. My master continues to hit me and now reaches my ass, I resist the hammer blows but I know that I will not last long. He stops a few moments to let me come to my senses and takes the opportunity to caress me on the areas he has just marked.

I love feeling his hand brush against me the hot and sensitive places he just hit, it burns me but I like it. The bitch in me is awakening. My Master asks me if for the end of the SM evening I want to be even more marked, as a good submissive bitch that I am, I respond positively to his proposal.

I beg him to violate me again and again, more violently, because I know that I will take even more pleasure, I want to bow under the blows they inflict on me. My Master ends the SM evening with the whip, my tears flow abundantly. I resist his blows one last time to satisfy him, I relax, he takes off the handcuffs and orders me to get on all fours. Her hand checks that my pussy is soaked, I’m happy to show her that it is, and I’m delighted to see the pleasure in her eyes. My master finally removes my blindfold, I take this opportunity to say thank you for this intense session.

He shows me his big cock, then I sketch a smile of satisfaction, I have my reward, I start a very slobbering oral sex, I take care of his penis with my movements of the tongue. I suck my master’s cock for a long time.

Then he orders me to lie down on the bed because he has a mad desire to drill my ass, I do so and relax under the blows of his kidneys. I start to cum once and then twice, I feel his cum dripping down my rectum. After a little moment of respite, My Master caresses my marked chest, I had missed this feeling.

I loved this SM night and I missed getting beaten up like this, I’m a happy bitch tonight and I fall asleep full of images from that night.

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