an overview of sexual areas

discover the erogenous zones

The breasts, the clitoris, the penis, the testicles; all parts of the body being particularly receptive to touch as well as sexual stimulation.

Almost systematically during sexual activities, the partners will strive to stimulate these genitals, with a view to arousing desire and triggering sexual arousal. However, this habit leaves very little room for fun! Indeed, an erogenous zone is in fact any part of the body capable of causing sexual arousal. In short, why not expand your playground and take the time to discover them?

The genitals are also called primary erogenous zones because these are the parts of the body where the greatest concentrations of nerve endings are found. However, many parts of the body which also have an undeniable erotic power are neglected. These are called secondary erogenous zones. Although they can easily escalate the excitement when stroked, they are often forgotten! Yet they are a source of a lot of pleasure and sensations.

It is important to know that erogenous zones are not the same from person to person. It’s all a matter of taste! However, here are some interesting parts of the body to stimulate:

o The back

o The lips

o The armpits

o The feet

o The navel

o The back of the neck

o The inner thighs

Here is a little exercise to do to better understand your erogenous zones:

Lie down comfortably and take the time to relax. The body will not respond the same way if your mind is unwilling to be touched. Without stimulating the genitals, focus instead on your / the other’s body, as a whole. Places where you are ticklish can be really good clues. Vary the techniques of touching as well as the pressure exerted. Use the tongue, lips and teeth instead of fingers and hands to stimulate these different parts of the body, can also create very interesting sensations! Do not hesitate to blow hot and cold to vary the temperature and help you discover the erogenous zones of your partner.

Touch first of all allows you to see the body as a whole. By avoiding rushing systematically towards the primary erogenous zones in the quest for pleasure, you offer yourself the possibility of experiencing very rich and varied sensations, both physically and psychologically. It is always pleasant to take the time to build up desire and desire, starting with the secondary erogenous zones, during a sensual massage for example, to subsequently stimulate the primary erogenous zones. The more time we allow the body to prepare for penetration, the more we raise the sexual tension, which makes it possible to reach sometimes more powerful orgasms! And there is a lot of fun in the wait. It also allows the erotic imagination to work. So try not to be in too much of a hurry and have fun touching, tickling, nibbling, licking, massaging and stroking! The pleasure will only be amplified!

To spice up your games, you can use accessories like a clitoral stimulator or massage oil for secondary erogenous zones.

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