The sexual questions that we dare not ask

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Granted, asking questions about sexuality is not always easy. Although there are themes that are more easily approached than others, certain situations related to our genitals… can be more embarrassing. In short, here are some of the questions that come up often and that people don’t always dare to ask!

Sexual questions: My vagina makes noises during sex, is this normal?

You are in full swing and suddenly during the comings and goings, * noise *, your vagina slips a word to you! Rest assured, this is a phenomenon that occurs very frequently and has nothing to do with intestinal gas. In fact, depending on the positions you take during penetration, air can collect inside the vagina. The noise you hear during a contraction is just the air coming out. If this makes you really uncomfortable, take the time to note which positions it happens most often. Thus, you are much less likely to be disturbed in your pleasure.

Sexual matters: I have a yeast infection, can I pass it on to my partner?

Yeast infection (commonly known as yeast infection) is usually caused by a microscopic fungus that is usually already present naturally in the body. Several factors cause it to proliferate abnormally and this is what creates the infection. It is therefore not a sexually transmitted infection. On the other hand, its presence increases the transmission of STIs because the irritation of the vaginal mucosa leads to the formation of microlesions which become gateways for viruses as well as other infections. It is possible that a man may experience irritation in the penis following unprotected sex (without a condom) with an affected woman. The discomfort usually passes very quickly after penetration, but when the situation continues and it turns into balanitis (infection of the glans because the fungi are lodged there), it is important that the man is treated.

Sexual matters: My partner’s cock has a “smell”… why?

Body odor is very natural. These mostly come from secretions from our apocrine sweat glands, located under the armpits and around the sex and anus. Some people greatly appreciate the smell of the other which becomes like a kind of sexual stimulant. However, when the musky smell is difficult for the partner to bear, it is important to talk about it. Strong odors are often the first signs of an infection.

The best way to get out of an embarrassing situation? Communicate! Remember that you are certainly not the only people who have this happening.

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