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The sexy thong is available in several variations

the sexy thong for women

Some models of sexy thongs

Since the 1970s, the sexy thong or has continued to evolve to come in several versions: string string, tanga, swimsuits, shorty-string, open thong … etc

It should be noted that today the sexy thong is one of the best-selling sexy lingerie accessories!

String and micro thong

Perhaps one of the lightest sexy thongs. He hides the sex but leaves the buttocks uncovered. It takes its name from the simple string that goes through the crotch.

We can also assimilate to this category the micro thong or mini thong. Here the tissue only hides the genitals and is not triangular but straight and thinner than the pubis.

The Tanga

The tanga hides the pubis and leaves a large part of the buttocks uncovered (less than the string string anyway).

Just like the sexy thong, the tanga is made of two pieces of fabric, latex or leather. The first piece, a triangle, is intended to cover the pubis. It extends between the thighs and buttocks.

The second piece of the tanga, surrounds the hips and connects the two ends of the first piece.

The shorty

The shorty is simply very short shorts. It hides the pubis and stops just above the buttocks.

It goes perfectly well with low waist pants in particular.

There is also a variant, the shorty thong: it narrows at the back like a sexy thong or a tanga.

The microbikini

Definitely the most minimalist swimsuit. It is a variation of the bikini. Here, the panties are replaced by a sexy thong.

The least we can say is that the micro-bikini is controversial. It was sometimes prohibited by municipal decree. We can take as an example Paris Plage 2006 where the microbikini was banned because it is considered to be a threat to security and public order.

The advantages of this model are to limit traces of tanning and to have a seductive side with men.

Other sexy thongs

There are others lesser-known variations of the sexy thong. We will think in particular of veiled thongs, open thongs that reveal the pubis, the butterfly thong which as its name suggests, the fabric located at the level of the pubis looks like butterfly wings or the jock-strap which is more intended to athletes.

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