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For this winter, we are three pretty testers to offer you joint tests, a way for you to have three opinions on the same article. For this first test, we have chosen to present the Cocomini from Xtassie, that you will find here:

Available here

Packaging of Cocomini Pink from XTASSIE

The Cocomini will be delivered to you in a cardboard box. This will facilitate storage for a period, I would say medium or long enough if you take care of the packaging that will easily fit in the drawer of your nightstand.

The promise made by the sign on the top is therefore: Tiny but strong for young generation. Small but powerful, that’s one thing to check out, and that’s what we’ll see later!

And on the back, a nice description, almost romantic … But shhh! I will not reveal everything. You will also have an instruction manual. Although the translation is word-for-word so… Be understanding. (NB: Korean product.)

The CocoMini vibrator in details

The CocoMini is therefore part of the category of pocket toys that you can take everywhere with you to have fun on any occasion. It’s a vaginal stimulator.

The CocoMini is a sex toy, which is recharged by USB port, the cable is therefore provided to you. This USB port is hidden under the cap, which will allow it to be recharged on your computer, why not at the office.

It measures only 12 centimeters including 8 centimeters of penetration for only 2 centimeters in diameter, which allows complete discretion in your handbag.

It offers you seven diverse and varied vibration modes with three continuous vibration modes increasing as you apply pressure on the rising arrow until you offer more or less spaced vibration modes, increasing the pleasure by irregular waves.

Note that once the seven modes have been passed by pressing again towards the upper mode you will not fall back on the first mode, you will have to activate the arrow below and go through all the previous modes to return to the first mode. To turn it off? A simple press of a few seconds on the lower arrow will do the trick!

The CocoMini is an object without phthalates and respectful of the environment.

The modes of vibration of Cocomini

I told you above, there are 7 vibration modes, the first 3, as usual, are neither more nor less than what we find on all current sex toys, a variation in the speed of the vibrations and their intensity, it’s nice, but as they say:  » a duck doesn’t break three legs“, However they are super pleasant, they will allow us to start slowly.

  • We will like to use these first 3 modes at the beginning, we will gently, delicately pass the vibrator around our clit, giving it, thus, pleasant little sensations, soft at the beginning, then faster and more intense as time goes by, do not doubt it, your clit will appreciate these first 3 modes, and for some they will be largely sufficient. Me personally, I regret that the difference between these 3 modes are not more marked… but hey this is only my opinion eh. For the others, 4 modes follow, so no panic.
  • The 4th mode, there for more sensation we are no longer happy with the clit, we let ourselves be penetrated by the Cocomini, the vibrations remain soft and pleasant.
  • Honestly for me the 5th mode has little difference with the 4th, it’s faster, but that’s it …
  • 6th mode, here we are in what I like the most, the vibrations are fast, much closer, and more intense, it’s a pure delight, really, we will like to enjoy with this mode.
  • The 7th mode is also very pleasant, the first vibrations are fast, they are soft at the beginning and then intense at the end of the mode, the loop starting again endlessly … if you like challenges, I strongly advise you to resist this mode, while performing back and forth movements, I personally enjoy quickly, well quickly, let’s say that in 5-10 minutes I had my feet and I can easily wait in the evening …. yes in the evening I find the big bad wolf at the bottom of my bed, but shuuuuut don’t say anything, promise?

Until then you will tell me, no downside, and if, yes yes yes, there is always a downside … and there it did not come by itself, yet frankly I find it great, in its box. But we talk about it again just after the sensations.

Xtassie sex toy test

This sextoy of the brand Xtassie is therefore particularly suitable for solo use, in the toilet, in the office (for the most naughty), by car (in traffic) anyway, where you want it.

He will know how to hide everywhere (in your bag, in your jeans pocket, in your jacket sleeve, etc …) to be honest, even in a bra it remains discreet, what, well yes I admit it to you, I tested it in the toilets of my work … well what, you think what, that I test them sextoy lying on my bed, yes for some, but here we are talking about a sextoy pocket, so it makes sense for me to test it in real life, right?

Suddenly and well to my job, being in a tight skirt and without a pocket, I can not put it in a pocket … the only place, for me, where it is easy to hide it is … my bra, under the breast, well hidden ih ih ih. And no one has seen anything, that he really knows how to be discreet.

I did not yet know about pocket sex toys when we came to discuss this toy. Which is for me a total discovery …

I dared to ask a few people what this object was and the answers rather made me smile and their embarrassment was palpable when they learned that the object in front of them was actually a vibrator. This object is therefore discreet in the eyes of people.

Then I had to test it for real and in action, if I may!

So I took the opportunity to take leave of our guests to go and test it, in almost real condition: on the move and in hiding. This under the benevolent authority of Monsieur, who watched in case a guest went to the bathroom to guide him to the other adapted room so that I would not be disturbed.

It was without difficulty that I was able to insert the toy into my privacy because of its finesse, it slides smoothly and the vibrations are just good. His potential is therefore just like him, discreet but effective …

A very small difficulty the first comings and goings to find how to take it in hand, it must be said that it is quite small and thin, then you have to manage to get by with the cap of the USB port, which tends to escape if you do not take it very well in hand, the handle is really very small … A big downside for me.

As for the buttons, they are rather easy to access and I don’t take long to come by helping myself a little with manual stimulation of my clitoris. (I am a clitoral)

The sensations

In terms of sensations, we are surprised, and pleasantly, it may well be a sextoy pocket it remains no less effective, so do not expect to climb to 7th heaven, but you will take pleasure using it, that and the excitement of being in an inappropriate and safe place that you will take a lot of pleasure, it will tickle your clit enough to turn her on, and in your vagina its vibrations will have the desired effect and you will come, not like ever, but you will …

I think that for the most sensitive, it will even be perfect, me, in any case it suits me, without being the sextoy of the year, I think it will have its place, from time to time, in my purse.

Rather disappointing result for the CocoMini

Yes you saw, I made a point just for the flats, because yes, there are, and there are many … in fact, I am obliged to make a point in its own right …

  • It’s a sextoy pocket, however, I may have looked for it, where is the little pocket, the little extra that makes it possible to carry it everywhere, there frankly, it is in the handbag, cool, but before each use is the obligatory passage under the water jet … in short, it sucks, the transport pocket would have really been a plus … too bad there is none.
  • The buttons to change the mode, too small, you press them, sometimes you don’t change the mode, I don’t have lumberjack fingers yet … they are not very sensitive, you have to press them hard, in short, it’s great boring, and worst of all, there is no loop, when you get to the last mode if you want to go back to the first mode, the softest (nice after cumming) and well must redo all the modes in the opposite direction, that’s just disastrous …
  • The cover of the USB socket, frankly imagine yourself in the bathroom with your legs apart, supported on each side of the door, you are doing yourself good, and by changing the vibration mode, you press the button and there… .ben there c ‘is the drama, the hiding place, goes under the door and ends its mad frenetic race on the other side of the toilet, where everyone can see it …. nice no, it happened to me, yet it was screw well, but the thread seems to be very easily « fuckable », basically, you pull on it and the cover is removed …
  • The grooves running along the vibrator, on each side, yes ok I know I’m picky there, but thin, personally, I don’t have all that to do with cleaning it with a toothpick … and I guarantee that if you put it in your handbag as it is… you will go through it too… in short, these grooves are useless, except a dust trap… not very cool for hygiene.
  • Be careful not to submerge the USB area if you wash it in water, personally I preferred to use a sex toy cleaner in order to protect it from any accident.

Conclusion on the Vibrator from Xtassie

This sex toy has everything to be a great sex toy, it is, without being the most powerful, powerful enough to make us enjoy, but its lack of finish make it, in my eyes, a low-end sex toy.

So I find that yes, discretion level, it’s great nobody answered: It’s a vibrator! When I introduced them. So it goes without saying that you can put it in your handbag without really arousing suspicion, unless of course someone recognizes the CocoMini in your bag… Something which I think is rather rare!

The vibrations are good but it still takes a long time to reach orgasm, they are light, too much for me who am very difficult to enjoy vaginally.

Cleaning is the worst thing I have to blame him for, forgive me I’m careful with my privacy and hygiene, a little manic I think…? It is not, for me, a pocket sextoy, I personally like to use it where I want, if there is no sink, it must be easy to clean before use, a wipe should be enough, sorry there but you need the toothpick, the sink, frankly it’s a sextoy to use at home, it’s a real shame.

Otherwise, the cap is easily removed if you can’t figure out how to hold the device while back and forth.

After all these inconveniences, I cannot say that it is not effective, of course it is, but today they are almost all, it does not bring anything, certainly it is not expensive , this may explain that, but honestly, I will not advise you … really, quickly let’s move on.

More than disappointed with this sextoy, really… without it it would have been perfect, its shape, size, aesthetics… but too many caveats for me to advise you, and for me to be satisfied.

Positive points of Cocominie de Xtassie

  • Discreet for real
  • Phthalates free
  • Charging by USB port (No batteries)

Negatives of Cocominie de Xtassie

  • The USB port cap is not secure enough.
  • Slightly annoying grooves for cleaning.

My grade: 2.5 / 5

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