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Luna black beads from Lelo

Luna black beads from Lelo

With a little delay, I will therefore present you the Geisha balls of the month: The luna beads in black version from Lelo, which you will find on Amazon.

Packaging of black Luna Beads from Lelo

At this level Lelo has served us a superb packaging, personally I like it a lot and I kept it to store my little things after use.

Above, you will find rather useful information, such as the size of the balls and what the toy can achieve, the fact that they are easy to clean, the material and the quality of comfort as well as a one-year warranty. .

When you remove the cardboard packaging, a much more solid and just as serious packaging is revealed, on which the brand is molded with a slightly glittery black ink. Opening from the top, the toy appears very carefully stored in a foam box. Next to it, there is a small flap (always marked with the brand name) that you open to find the instructions for use, the registration card for the warranty and a single dose of lubricant.

Class and seriousness in short, a quality presentation. I really like.

The sextoys itself

The balls are made of ABS approved by the FDA and surrounded by very soft silicone, which can be removed for ease of cleaning which is done very easily under lukewarm water with a little mild soap or cleaner for sex toys alcohol-free.

luna beads

They are all 29 millimeters in diameter and each weighs 37 grams.

And surprise, on a closer look, I found a nice little soft case for transporting or storing small pearls of pleasure! That’s wonderful ! *to smile*

The test of the black Luna beads from Lelo

As for the insertion, it is done quite simply with a lubrication using a lubrication.

luna beads

The use can be stimulating, so that Monsieur knows Madame in perpetual excitement or can also be perfect in order to perform some Kegel exercises, at the office (?) Or in another chosen place. You can also wear them for shopping, to stimulate the Pelvic floor naturally.

For my part, I have tried them in many situations and my favorite is to let them do their job while I am racing, which Mr. Björn really likes. This gives me a very pleasant stimulation and does not bother me in any way, they are almost forgotten … Almost, because in the end, we still feel slightly stimulated. What is really: Nice.

Conclusion on Luna black beads from Lelo

I really liked this toy, very easy to clean and I find it very classy. I like pretty things but also their efficiency. Here, I am served!

For the price (35 euros), it’s really reasonable.

Good points :

  • Aesthetics
  • The storage box and its storage pouch
  • The softness of the toy
  • One year warranty

Negative points :

My rating for black Luna beads from Lelo: 5/5

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