Masochism, my interpretation of pain

I admit I am a masochistic person, I like violent blows, I like to endure pain, I like when My Master pushes me to resist even more than the day before. Being a masochist has often been seen as a confusing act but from my point of view it is more of an education, I have been a masochist since I was young, I am a masochist at heart. I will try to convey my point of view on masochism to you.

What is masochism?

It is about a sexual deviation in which the subject finds pleasure only in the physical pain and the humiliations which are inflicted on him. It is also about the behavior of someone who seems to be looking for situations where he will suffer, be in pain, in difficulty …

Basically these two definitions, taken from Larousse, are quite similar in the sense that the person seeks pleasure through physical or moral pain.

A common point connects these two definitions: the desire or the desire to be abused. However, these definitions of masochism seem too light to me and I will therefore share with you my vision of the matter.

Masochism: The fashion of SM

Loving being in pain, being hit and taking pain is often harder to understand than enjoying watching someone in pain. The position of victim is less understood.

After reading a lot of articles, seeing a lot of videos and talking to people from the BDMS industry, I realized that opinions differ quite a bit on the subject.

Following the soft SM erotic films that have been released, masochism is gradually better accepted in today’s society. This being what these films show, without interest, is often distorted and far from reality. These films make masochism fashionable but totally distort it. Suddenly, it loses all its meaning and is practiced anyhow. It reminds me of those young teens who do their sex education in front of porn movies …

Already when I was young I took pleasure in getting hit, it came naturally to me. I remember a little altercation in high school when I was 15, where a young boy kicked me in the face. Certainly I had been in pain, I had been upset, but deep down, I had loved this pain. I remember masturbating several times thinking of this boy. As if his blow had spurred my desire for him. Perhaps it was during this period that my masochism was revealed.

I’m not the one who over-plays in porn actress mode making small moans repeated 40,000 times to have an illusion of perfect pleasure. It happened to me to speak to submissives who had seen me during BDSM parties, they admired me to be able to take so many violent blows without saying anything while having immense pleasure, they almost jealous me. I think the cerebral side of BDSM has been somewhat forgotten and this new fashion for masochism is one of the main causes in my opinion.

Basically, what you need to know is that you don’t become sadistic or masochist overnight, you are masochistic or sadist at heart and you discover it little by little. It is not enough to play SM games to truly appreciate masochism or sadism. To be a masochist you have to know the basics it is not enough to receive a little pat on the ass while making some ultra simulated moans, if you do that it will be comedy and not pure SM. The same goes for the little strokes of whip bdsm that barely slams your ass, this is pure comedy, not SM.

Masochism and Acting or False Reality

There are many people who seek to pass themselves off as what they are not, just to blow themselves up or to please their partner who dreams of falling on a follower of masochism. You don’t have to resist the pain to be a good masochist, but you have to surrender to the pain, get it right.

It gets on my nerves when in BDSM parties I see submissives screaming at death when the whip has barely touched them, what comedy … Implicitly, I feel belittled, I who practice the real SM, the real masochism, that robs me of all credibility.

I discovered all the pleasures of SM in an intelligent way, I added a cerebral and psychological side to them to prepare myself as well as possible to become a submissive woman and masochist. Without a psychological preparation one does not really appreciate masochism, I am convinced of it. The submissives I see at SM parties get hit gently, so they don’t feel any pain, what’s the point then there are no pleasures. Masochism necessarily involves pain …

Over time, I realize that for a lot of submissives, it’s just a matter of doing like everyone else, of following this fad. Over time, I learned to succumb to the pain, to accept it in order to get off on my feet, it was not easy, I did not manage overnight to appreciate the masochism that lay dormant in me. I especially learned to perceive my sensations, because at the beginning I did not feel the intense pleasure that I feel today when someone hits me, of course I wet like a bitch but I did not reach orgasm easily like today. It was after several months that I learned to love blows deeply, to feel immense pleasure, this is how I became a real masochist who loves to endure pain until it cannot. more. Masochism can be learned and cannot be improvised. It requires practice and especially to be guided by a Master worthy of the name.

Masochism or the pleasure of getting hit

Well, yesterday I was reading a document on the film 50 shades of GRAY which took on a phenomenal scale (by the way, I wonder why, the film is as bad as the book). Intrigued by the success of this turnip, I couldn’t help but poke around in the comments of the film and the book.

A man complained by saying that he was not at all intelligent on the part of the author to have trivialized the SM and masochistic world so much and this man basically said that it was impossible to take real pleasure in get hit.

I am totally aligned with this comment that it is not very correct to trivialize the SM environment and masochism. On the other hand, I do not agree with him at all on the second point. There is a real pleasure in getting hit, and the author wouldn’t have used the term masochism if she didn’t know what it meant exactly. I myself am the living proof, I like my masochism and I like to be beaten by My Master.

You will understand, I do not like this saga at all but I must admit that the author was not mistaken in his definition of masochism: a masochist takes pleasure in the violence inflicted on him. Obviously several things come into play: the desire and the fact of being assisted by a teacher who knows very well the psychological mechanism of sadism and masochism. However, I don’t know if some people are predisposed to be masochistic one day and take pleasure in pain until they come like crazy.

My master made me discover masochism and the pleasure that results from it is indescribable. The cerebral side is the source of this pleasure for sure, I can control the intensity of the pain and even sometimes by concentrating to make it disappear. The more it hurts, the more I feel the pleasure build up until I feel the orgasm come. My biggest orgasms come from a masochistic act, it’s explosive, when I can’t stand the blows anymore, my pussy drips and explodes.

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