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curvy women, are they more desired by men?

curvy women

Finally after the era of catwalks and advertisements where women had an excessive pressure that remained thin, often bordering on anorexia, the trend began to reverse and beautiful feminine shapes are back in force.

In the spotlight, curvy women well in their bodies, even with a few extra pounds. Women who are against food rebalancing and restrictive diets. Women who assume both physically and sexually.

For a long time, curvy women were neglected by the fashion world. The causes of this rejection: the stereotype of the slim and shapeless woman, the advertisements in fashion magazines, the beauty designers choosing young girls barely teenagers to parade on the catwalks, and of course our friend the Photoshop software for erase the slightest flaw.

Today some designers are stepping up to the plate and highlighting beautiful feminine shapes. They denounce excessive diets and food deprivation. In addition, mentalities are changing and evenings with friends with a good bottle of wine and a raclette in winter are more and more common. Now is the time for Epicureanism to enjoy the pleasures of life.

There is a category of men in the United States called « fat admirers » who only want to make love with plump women.

Curvy women in the artistic world

Historically, artists have glorified curvy women. We could cite artists such as Renoir, Matisse, Rubens, Fernando Botero or more recently Loisel or Toutain. These artists, through their paintings, drawings, sculptures have always valued the generous and sensual forms of curvy women.

Whether in the world of painting, sculpture, photography or literature, a large number of artists would have refused to paint a female model with skin on her bones.

Today we can go into ecstasies in front of the plump sculptures of Madame « Déesse » pop artist offering sculptures of opulent women full of flashy colors which allows to perceive a surge of sensuality through the curves of her sculptures.

Curvy women in Africa

The criteria of beauty are very different in African and Maghreb cultures. The curves are considered as a symbol of fertility, motherhood, pleasure, beauty, seduction.

Senegalese men adore women who have a generous butt, moreover in many novels the authors always bring the woman back in the spotlight thanks to her generous forms.

Even in African newspapers we find articles praising curvy women « Praise of roundness », because in Ivory Coast there are contests of curvy women which are organized, the « Miss lolo » competition. One of the most famous winners of this competition was a young theater actress named Natsou Traoré, with a breast of around 105 E.

Thanks to Natsou, many young women in Africa have learned to accept themselves as they are, with their beautiful generous buttocks and their beautiful opulent breasts. They learned that their forms were not a handicap or a brake but rather an asset of seduction to bewitch men.

The young actress has nevertheless admitted to being an old complexed, since her adolescence, because of her generous breasts, it is only now that she dares to show off herself with beautiful clothes with plunging necklines.

But it is not only the Ivory Coast that organizes this kind of competition since a lot of countries have followed the trend: Benin, Cameroon and Togo. The curves are very appreciated in these beauty contests. Senegal launched the “Miss Diongoma” competition, which is there to highlight the beauty and sensuality of curvy women.

In Burkina Faso, the “poog bedré” competition honors curvy women. Recently, the big winner of this competition is a young woman measuring 1m 81 for 170 kilos. The selection criteria to be able to participate in the “queen Hanan” beauty contests in Benin are to have generous buttocks and fairly wide hips.

In order to honor curvy women, there is a festival of curvy women in Niger. Celebrated every year, this festival is called « Mani Fori ».

On the other hand, Western advertisements and designers have not stopped overwhelming us with images of skinny women, infusing us with the idea that to be beautiful you automatically have to be skinny and devoid of form. In recent years, we have observed a slight evolution. There are more and more models for curvy women. Some brands of sexy lingerie have specialized in this field and have met with great success.

Young African men encourage women in this direction since they prefer to have a woman with harmonious and generous shapes.

Are curvy women more desired?

Many psychologists have sought to understand why curvy women are more attractive to men than thin women. The finding of the research is quite surprising. It appears that when the man is hungry, he is sexually more attracted to curvy women. This attraction to curvy women comes from our primitive brain. The round woman being synonymous with generosity, abundance and fertility, she would therefore be ready to ensure good offspring.

Do men prefer round ones?

Many books talk about men’s attraction to curvy women. Moreover, as we said above in some parts of the world, the criteria of beauty are not at all the same as those we know in the West. Note that even in Europe and the United States the trend is reversing and busty women are more and more popular.

Doctors specializing in nutrition are now going to war against the dictates of thinness, which make curvy women feel guilty, these doctors seek to make these women assume their curves. They highlight the seductive aspect and the attraction that men feel towards curvy women.

Since the dawn of time, a woman’s hips, thighs, facial shape and buttocks have been parts of the body that arouse sexual urge in men. In antiquity even the Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans preferred curvy women.

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