Anal jewelry, the real Rosebuds of Julian Snelling

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Do you know Julian Snelling? That doesn’t mean anything to you… and yet he is a great artist living in Haute Savoie. A somewhat particular artist since he is the creator of the famous rosebuds in steel, bronze or even aluminum for the new collection of anus jewelry.

The anus jewelry specially designed by Julian Snelling.

This artist arrived in France in 1969, just after finishing his studies of fine arts in England and Geneva. Julian Snelling is a sculptor but he also practices painting, he loves to imagine characters and stage them in erotic scenarios. One day, the manager of a Parisian art gallery calls him and asks him to exhibit his works.

It was during this exhibition that someone advised Julian Snelling to present his work to a sex shop. Julian Snelling says “They told me it was a good job, but they would have liked to see a job that really brings their mostly SM clientele. An aesthetic work but can give ideas of erotic games to customers. « 

It was at this time that Julian Snelling decided to play on humor, he would be one of the first men to offer anus jewelry (Rosebuds). You should know that at this time the plug for anus were already on the market but manufacturers very often overlook the aesthetic side of the thing, especially the exterior aesthetics. It is for this reason that Rosebuds are considered anus jewelry and not just plugs.

Julian Snelling therefore decides to offer real anus jewelry. It will always keep the appearance of a plug but will add an exterior aesthetic side. It is besides him who will call them Rosebuds.

Success was not long in coming: “When it was launched, the clientele was more part of the SM or gay community, because the rosebuds can be worn by women as well as by men. « 

Over time, all types of people have become interested in her anal jewelry, whether it is a libertine or classic clientele. Julian Snelling succeeded in attracting customers from all over the world, encouraged by them he even went so far as to create breast jewelry and penile jewelry.

After the wave of fashion for piercings and tattoos, anus jewelry and body jewelry are on track to experience a meteoric rise, whether among women, men, homosexuals, submissive, dominatrix, fetishists. There is something for every taste.

As you have certainly noticed, Rosebuds is spelled with an « S » in both the plural and singular. Due to the success of this anal jewelry, many imitations are currently on sale at particularly low prices. These low-end products do not bear the name « Rosebuds » but « Rosebud » (the « S » having been withdrawn).

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that these knockoffs do not at all live up to Julian Snelling’s real anal jewelry. Indeed, the plugs of these imitations are hollow unlike real Rosebuds which are full. In fact, the weight is much lower and therefore the sensations provided are much less intense. Moreover, because the plug is hollow, the product is much more fragile.

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