Carla Blog, my diary of submissive SM

Carla blog: Who am I?

I am Carla, submissive to my Master with whom I live on a daily basis. After many vanilla years N / we are engaged in this magnificent D / s relationship which continues to evolve for my greatest pleasure.

Carla blog: Living with your Master?

W / we do not live this relationship 24/7 even if this is what I personally aspire to, it is up to my Master to decide whether or not to submit to me full time or not, and for the moment, His choice is not that one… However my Master has the freedom to submit me when he sees fit since I wear my submissive collar day and night, I can not take it off alone since it is screwed and that I do not have the specific screwdriver to open it, so I am His prisoner.

Carla Blog, sexual submissive

I deeply love this feeling of belonging to Him, it is what makes me vibrate, to live quite simply … Wearing my necklace and feeling it around my neck on all occasions reminds me of my condition: I am His at all times, when He wants and where He wants … It is He who decides what He wants to do with me, I just have to obey and serve. This is my place, the one I chose and in which I really feel fulfilled …

Carla Blog, masochistic submissive

Carla blog: Which submissive?

When my Master decides to use me, I do whatever He wants me to do, I’m whatever He wants me to be: I’m also His bitch, His submissive slut available to satisfy His desires with my 3 orifices. Submissive sexual …

Carla Blog, bdsm submissive

My Master also regularly offers me dressage sessions by playing His instruments of torture delight on my body which burns for Him: whip, paddle, stick, swifts, whip, tongs … etc. so many objects to allow Him to possess me deep inside me. I take pleasure in these moments when He whips me, really … Masochistic submissive …

For my Master, I surrender and give myself in all the ways that He wishes.

He orders me, uses me and rears me up: I obey, submit and I enjoy … His submissive …

Carla blog, submissive woman

Carla blog: Why a blog?

Because my Master ordered it to me, that’s the first thing ? but if He ordered it to me, it’s because He knows my taste for writing: I like to transcribe my emotions, my reflections , my doubts, my questions, my joys, my pleasures … I like to share and leave traces of what I have experienced as He leaves traces on my body …

My sexual submissive blog is also a space for people who are questioning BDSM relationships, a kind of window open on a D / s relationship experienced fully and serenely in extreme confidence, because yes it is possible to experience BDSM …

I invite you to come and discover my life of submitted on carla blog.



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