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Submissive bitch, assume my condition as a little bitch

Lisa the submissive slut

Today I can say it I am a submissive little slut, very obedient, I became what I am because I accepted this condition deep inside me. As I had already told you previously since I was young, I have a very strong sex appeal. First I experienced it negatively and then I learned to transform my negative vision into a positive one. Thanks to my master I learned to accept and especially to grow as a submissive slut, I blossomed in this « role », then I wanted to transmit my knowledge as I have already told you during my previous stories.

Discovery of the submissive slut inside me

To be precise I don’t think that a woman one day finds out by chance that she is a submissive slut, it is rather a state that is in you, and depending on your life, this state will or will not take over. over time. Since I was young, I have a nymphomaniac, seductive, provocative side, I am obsessed with sex, I love to caress myself but I quickly realized that I always wanted more.

I was still in the process of discovering my body, my desires, and a woman’s body is still a real machine that is difficult to understand quickly. I made love for the first time very young also, but as I already said I had been very disappointed with my first time so much I expected something grand. I was so frustrated after that, that I started looking elsewhere, with more mature men, with a lot more experiences and who could teach me more things. I went on sex for one night, always looking for the man who would make me cum like crazy, I had read so many sex books with exciting scenarios that I wanted to transcribe this into my life.

At that time the notion of danger was totally unknown to me, I was naive, and liberated, a little too liberated, which led me into crazy situations. I was subjected to my many desires and I hardly took any pleasures during my intercourse, probably because of my young age and my cruel lack of experience.

I met My teacher When I was 19, I went to the meeting he gave me, by phone, with my naive smile, my skirt cropped the buttocks, my top showing my chest, small heels and of course a rather lingerie naughty. I had no fear of getting into his car, in less time than it takes to say it, I took off my skirt to show him my very smooth pussy, it is that day that I started to be his submissive slut. From the start I was looking for a man like my master, to educate me and bring out the submissive slut who was buried in me. I had finally found the person who would understand me, me little nympho, someone who would not pass judgment on me. From the start, I obeyed him, which led me to immense pleasure without limits.

My debut as a submissive slut

Whenever I visited my master, I would put myself directly naked, and put myself in a four-legged position like a good submissive slut that I became day after day. I offered him my neck so he could put my leather sm collar black, my little submissive slut collar. I found myself with my neck tied, my master stroking my face and finally I was ready to be fully submissive to him.

My master always used to nickname me with sweet little words, my submissive little bitch, my bitch, my little bitch. However, I never had the feeling of being belittled. These words prove to me the affection that my master has towards me. I came to have fun, insulting myself with these dirty words. I knew what I was and I didn’t need those words to convince myself that I was a submissive little slut.

I had to stroke my pussy every day in front of my master’s eyes in order to develop my condition. As I told you previously, my master was the first to give me a sex toy and I can’t even count the number of times I’ve used it!

To make me come, give me immense pleasure, it was enough for my master to call me all names and tell me about his hard scenarios, it automatically made me wet like a bitch. When I was in college, I was already a nymphomaniac with big needs, I spent my breaks stroking myself in the bathroom. My master advised me to live my masturbation cravings to free myself rather than feeling frustrated and doing anything with strangers. I did not keep anything secret, my master knew every time I reached orgasm.

When I went to my master, he liked to treat me like a submissive little slut, always on the ground, crawling towards him, he liked to tie a leash on my sm collar, so that I could follow him wherever he went. I showed him my ass, spreading my legs as far as possible and swaying my hips like a slut, my butt well arched, ready to welcome his cock doggy style.

All these things, allow me to remember the essential, a submissive little slut must obey her master’s finger and eye, and follow him at all times. My goal is to give pleasure to my master, by doing him good and by following his orders. I have to be respectful and grateful for what he does for me, I have to devote myself to him every second. With my master, I have never known shame or humiliation, I am just his submissive little slut and I totally accept it without saying a word.

An obedient and available submissive slut

My holes are available to my master at all times, he can put his cock to me when he wants, I have to be always hot and wet so that my pussy and my ass are welcoming. From a young age, I practiced this thanks to the wearing of a rosebud to better open my submissive little slut asshole so that a cock can release its hot liquid in my ass at any time of the year. the day.

I wore this rosebud plug all the time, as often as possible in order to have a well dilated ass, I loved the feeling of being full of cum, training myself to have an increasingly gaping hole so that the penetration was very simple and fast. When I feel filled with cum I always wet a lot, I get a huge feeling of pleasure.

My master is always proud of me when he sees that I always try to please him more by surpassing myself, I never settle for the minimum. Student, I was already going out for a walk with my ass filled with a rosebud, I was always hot, wet and horny. The idea was that my Master could bugger me at his convenience, without barriers and without limits.

I also offer my other orifices to My Master. He can have fun with my pussy, spread my little mouth to fit his cock fully in, he can screw me in every hole. I received many lessons from him to learn how to perform oral sex with desire, moisture and depth. As soon as my master walks through the front door, he can use my little mouth to unload all his hot sperm, it’s an honor for me to swallow his juice without losing a drop.

I welcome my master on all fours naked, only my high heels dress me, so he does not have to undress me I am already ready to offer myself to him. I am always well made up to welcome him in order to leave my lipstick mark on his feet.

Submissive and public slut

It was easy for me to offer myself and to open myself completely to my master without any restraint, but it took me a while to accept the fact of offering myself to strangers that my master introduced to me. I couldn’t let go, free myself, because my master was still there, he was looking at me, and in my head I had to be faithful to my master and obey and offer myself to him alone. I couldn’t get the harsh words out of my mouth when it was about another man, I was so afraid of cheating on my master or disappointing him. I knew very well that it was my master who offered me these men, so he agreed, and never wanted to restrain me in my relations.

My master was trying to reassure me by whispering comforting words to me, telling me how much he liked to see me taken by many hard cocks in the chain, to see these back and forth in my little pussy for many minutes, to see me cum like a crazy several times. Once these gang bang sessions were over, I found myself soiled with various spunk, like a little doll only used to empty the balls of males in heat.

At first, during these gang bangs I didn’t say a word, but then I quickly understood that I could turn these men on even more if I opened my little mouth while saying dirty things, the men bandage nothing but hearing nonsense. Telling them how much I love getting fucked helps men forget that they have to have a hard-on next to other horny males.

My master wanted me to know that a submissive little slut shouldn’t be ashamed to say his desires out loud because he later wanted me to discover more raw plans. Today, I feel ready to get fucked even more violently, flourish by being even more filled with cum, big hard cocks while being contemplated by my master. I welcome the males with a certain desire for ass, and I provoke them so that I can make my pussy and my slutty ass available to them in order to recover and swallow their juices at the end of the day.

I am happy to see the pride of my master in his eyes, I am the submissive slut of the men he puts at my disposal but above all I remain the bitch of My Master.

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