Sexuality after baby: 3 things to know

sex after baby

Have a fulfilling sex life after the arrival of a child: no it is not always easy, but yes it is indeed possible!

Fatigue, lack of time and privacy, focusing on post-baby sexuality is first and foremost a question of redefining and adapting to this brand new life. But nothing is lost! The desire is there? Are you ready to put in the necessary effort in order to access meaningful intimacy and fulfilling sexuality? Here are 3 tips that could help you re-energize your sexuality… and your relationship!

1. Sexuality after baby: making the most of the nap time

Many parents take advantage of the afternoon nap time to do household chores or even sleep … Why not take advantage of this period of relaxation to get closer to your partner (We sleep better afterwards!)? Also, if you wait until you are in bed to do so, there is a great chance that you will be far too tired to start. anything! In short, put all the chances on your side and take advantage when the energy is at its maximum (or almost!).

2. Sexuality after baby: Redefining your view of sexuality

A fulfilling sexuality, What does this mean to you? Is it the fact of making love for three hours, of enjoying four times in a row … at the same time! Is it always spontaneous, passionate, « sexy »? Parents or not, it is important to remember that sexuality is not not synonymous with genitality. Sexuality comprises different spheres including the affective dimension which encompasses all the expression of feelings and emotions. Granted, it might be easier to send yourself up in the air however you want, when you don’t have whey stuck in your hair! But kidding aside, all couples should give themselves the opportunity to make the most of these times when you can connect. intimately, other than genitally ; through different massage techniques, taking the time to explore the various forms of kissing, through dialogue, etc.

3. Sexuality after baby: Don’t wait for intimacy, create it!

In fact, the arrival of a baby can really bring a wind of freshness sexuality side! How? ‘Or’ What? By leaving you no other choice than that of‘improvise with the means at hand! Your baby is sleeping in your room and you don’t want to wake him up? Why not have fun in the living room? The bathroom? The kitchen? Explore the different rooms of the house (something that many couples without children have not yet tried to do!) is a great way to rekindle the flame. Do not hesitate to read our article on home sex to know more. You run out of time? Daily routine and chores are very likely to take over your privacy. That said, putting your relationship on the agenda is essential. Psst! It is not because sex is planned that it is not profitable, on the contrary! You allow yourself to eroticize the wait, leaving room for your erotic imagination. It may also be the time to use erotic accessories such as sextoys for couples or simply by adding to your wardrobe the naughty lingerie which will boost your partner’s libido.

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